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The world is your oyster...

A MOBILE OYSTER BAR   × curators of BRITAIN'S BEST Oysters


We are a travelling oyster bar,
bringing Britain's best oysters to you.

It all started with a simple idea, a desire to bring the taste of the sea, direct to you, wherever you are, one shuck at a time.

Sourced from the cold, clean waters of Great Britain, we carefully select our oysters to bring you the best our coast has to offer.

We love sharing what sustainable seafood tastes like. Oysters are top of the list when it comes to sustainable seafood picks. This part really motivates us because we love our seas! By choosing oysters you are giving the oceans, your coastline, and Britain's fishing folk a big beautiful boost. 

From Lindisfarne to Jersey, and Dungarven to Mersea, here's to Great Britain's oysters...

We're all about bringing a delicious, fresh & unique element to your event, wherever it might be.  

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to oysters in Great Britain. For each of our events, we will curate a selection of oysters from around our coast, offering guests an opportunity to experience all that our coastline has to offer.

Our mobile oyster bar service includes:

  • A curated selection of the best British oysters at the time of year of your event
  • Our classic selection of dressings to compliment your oysters: 
    • Shallot vinegar mignonette 
    • Fresh lemons & tabasco
    • We are always coming up with new flavour combinations for our oysters. Let us know if you have any special requests.
  • Mobile bar unit - fully collapsable and fits into a range of spaces
  • Cool boxes & ice. No refrigeration required
  • Serving platters, trays & oyster buckets
  • Nautical accoutrements to bring a little seaside to your venue. Just ask.
  • If it's oyster related, we've got it covered.

Sound good? We cater for:

Private Parties

Corporate Events


Outdoor Events & Garden Parties

Opening Nights

Office Shindigs


Whether it's a house party, a wedding or a festival, we love them all. And we're always keen to hear about new collaborations.
Get in touch if you've got an event you'd like to chat about.

Twitter staff loved it, loads of comments on how delish the oysters were, even converted some non believers! Please come back!
— Jill Stewart - Catering Manager, Twitter UK. Feb 2016

We want to get more people shucking!

Don't let anything stand in your way from shucking your own. Grab yourself one of these and have a go...

"You don't need a fancy tool to shuck an Oyster" find out how with Theresa from The Mother Shuckers"

If we're not shucking, we're probably thinking about it, so get in touch if you've a special occasion, party or event collaboration you'd like to talk about. 

We'll get right back to you.

The Mother Shuckers
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